Thoughts on blogging from George Couros

On Friday I was able to attend and present at the Arcadia Innovation Summit!  Being a Digital Learning Coach has been a great challenge for me and at Arcadia I was able to stretch myself a little bit more by presenting.  I was able to present two different sessions and felt very challenged and great success.

I was then able to attend two sessions and one of them was about Blogging and from that I was challenged a lot about Blogging for me as a professional and to use as with students.  George Couros shared a wide range of ideas and thoughts about this.  He discussed that there were two different types of blogs/portfolios.

Showcase Portfolio vs. Learning Portfolio

Showcase Portfolio:  He uses his blog as his showcase/resume.  Here is a link that shows what his looks like.  There is such beauty in being able to show who you are as a professional and your growth over time is such a simple but deep way.

Learning Portfolio:  This is to show a person’s growth over time.  Here is an example: 2 to 28.  I think this is what I want for my students, a place where they can show their growth over time with evidence, with their creation, with their words and their thoughts.  There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this in education because of their age, but I think I will begin exploring what this might look like.

Of course, I went big and decided to try out Word Press and am pretty impressed with how simple it is.  I even started a Blog for all three of my children that I hope to hand over to them one day as they begin to take over telling their story.