Mission, Vision, Goals


Today I met with administration and discussed the mission and vision for our school.  I am always so challenged by these conversations because it reminds me that we are here for so much more then to get kids to pass a test.  There is so much more to learning and growing and finding your place in this world.

I was challenged to think through what really is the hope for our students.  Where do we really want them to go and I think more about this now that I have kids.  What do I really, really WANT for my own child.  Here are some of my thoughts (not in any particular order — except the first one).  I want my children…

  1. To fall in love with Jesus.
  • To love people as they are
  • To be bold in kindness
  • To be confident to be different and take risks
  • To be creative
  • To love what they do
  • To grow from mistakes
  • To not worry

I know that we are teachers, but I feel like there is so much more to being teachers.  Reflecting on my years as teaching, I was the best when I:

* Built relationships with the children and the parents and

* Challenged my students 

* Created a classroom environment where they could take risks and not be afraid of failure but be full of hope of what could be…how it could be better…what we could learn…

* Gave my students choices and opportunities to be different and create

I love my job as a coach and now I hope to inspire my teachers to be confident and take risks, to be creative, and to grow from mistakes.

You know what, Mrs. Dinger, our school counselor for 13 years who just died of cancer, did exactly this.  She changed children’s lives because she loved the whole person.  She is an inspiration and a reminder to all of us to stop and focus on what matters.





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