I LOVE Learning

Today was a great day back in TUSD.  I love learning from the greatness around me.  I was given the opportunity to present two different sessions today.  I felt great success in one session and not as much success in another, but that is okay.  I feel like I can reflect, grow and learn.  I love learning from my mistakes, I love analyzing what I could have done differently to better meet the needs of the teachers, I love figuring out better ways to share information…I LOVE LEARNING.

I also love technology.  One reason why I love technology is because of days like today.  While I was presenting, there were many other presentations going on and I was not able to attend, but with technology I can go back to Haiku (our learning management system) that has all of the presentations and I can learn independently.

I am not stuck living in the dark and missing out on what others have to share.  That today is why I love technology.  

I also enjoy having challenging conversations.  Understand I do NOT like to debate, to argue or to engage in conflict.


to talk about the impossible

to dream about what could be

to challenge the status quo

to think outside the box.  

Why not try something new?  Why not be courageous and try something that may fail, probably will fail?  Why not? What do I have to lose?  Oh…but what do I have to gain!!!!

So here are my ideas (I would say crazy but they aren’t really crazy, they are just different for ME):

  1. I really, really want to create a culture of blogging at my school.  I want to create a Staff Blog where each a week a different staff member will blog about ANYTHING!  I want students to have a blog where they can write freely (within limits of course) about their passions, about their learnings, about their failures.  In PE, I want them to create a blog about how to do a skill…  I want math students to take screen shots of a difficult problem they attempted and show it on their blog (with our without solving it).  I think this could create a culture of writers, a passion for writing, and a ton of mentor texts.  😉
  2. I walk through classrooms all of the time and see so many amazing practices.  I want to capture them and share them out with my staff.  When I observe something GREAT, I want to do a short screen cast or better yet have the teacher do a short screen cast and share it with the staff.  A JOT, if you will.  Just One Thing.  I want to capture this and send it out weekly, or heck why not put it on our STAFF BLOG!
  3. I want to create a really AMAZING task in math to launch a unit.  A task in which students have to think, problem solve, preserver, take a risk, do some math.  I want this task to be so well thought out that it can connect throughout the unit.  “Remember when we did….that is this math concept”.  I want it to be challenging, but not impossible.  I want it to be multiple layers, but not too time consuming.  I want it to be so AWESOME that our teachers feel like they should do that more often…monthly….weekly…daily.

I don’t know exactly what this year holds for me, but I want to fail.  I want to go big, try a lot, challenge the norm, encourage creativity and be bold in my learning.  Let’s go 2016/2017!!!


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