Let’s ReCap

Today is a technology post.  I am trying out a new piece of technology:  https://app.letsrecap.com

I am excited to see what this looks like and if it is effective.  I am careful not to jump to conclusions.  I want to make sure that the tools I use do the following:

Tech that....png

I know that ReCap:

  • engages students because it is about the students and they like that, picture Snapchat meets education…maybe
  • engages students because it peeks their interest
  • connects students because it allows students to use their voice and communicate…this is super important for our ELLs
  • assesses student information quickly because it captures it and allows me to give immediate feedback

So what is Recap…essentially it is a tool that allows teachers to pose a question to students and gives them an opportunity to respond via video.  Teachers can add multiple questions, the questions can be typed or a video question.  Teachers can give feedback and/or share a link to an individual response to share to others.

Candace does a pretty good job summing up all of the features of Recap on her blog.

I am using it for the first time with my fellows that I coach.  I will let you know what I think in the future.  I would definitely not want to use this for something that I want them to carry with them in the future (that I would have them place on their blog) but I could see this as quick, verbal formative assessments.


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