Okay everyone!  I have stepped into the world of HyperDocs and begin to see the beauty and fun!  So here is my first ever created and implemented with students!

So there are a TON of different uses and layouts but I really like this template:

Although it did feel like a lot for me so I stuck to just a few of the steps:

Engage (short collaborative activity to get kids thinking)  Here are two examples of easy and effective ways to engage


Explore (students are given a variety of different resources with a wide range of types of media to explore and learn about the topic)

Explain (students engage in responding to the new knowledge)

  • Use of Essential Questions.
  • Provide sentence frames

Share (students collaboratively share their ideas with the class or an authentic audience)

Create (I added this…I want students to take what they have learned and build, model, form something original to really apply what they have learned)

If you would like to explore the world of HyperDocs, you should begin in these two places:

HyperDocs Website and this Padlet!

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