Voice Creations from Middle School to High School

I have facilitated quite a few projects lately where students have engaged in critical thinking and collaboration through creating voice overs.

The beauty of this lesson is that it is very versatile.  I implemented it in a middle school Spanish, drama, and ELD class and a High School Spanish class.  This lesson supports writing and speaking by allowing students the opportunity to creatively communicate their thinking independently and make connections to and around oral expression.

  • The lesson begins with teachers using this Google Doc to inform students of the project.
  • Students can write their script digitally or on paper.  Some teachers gave them a graphic organizer, but we found that they didn’t really use it.
  • Students choose from one of these videos to voice over.  Here are instructions for the teacher on how to get videos to the students if using iPads.
  • Using iMovie, students pull in the video and record their voice over the clip.
  • This lesson can be adapted to laptops by using Edpuzzle.  Here is a direction sheet and video to help students through the process.


iMovie can be used on iPads and Macs


EDPuzzle can be used on PCs


Here are a few student samples:


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