Physical Education Fellow Finding Inspiration

I LOVE how excited my Physical Education fellow is this year!  She expressed to me that she loves meeting with me because it rejuvenates her and sparks joy in her teaching.  I also love how willing she is to try anything and everything.

So she just recently fell in love with Google Forms.  So we created a Google Form to test students knowledge of their muscles in a wide range of different ways.

Of course after creating the form, assigning the form and analyzing the results of the form we clearly realized that the teaching that was done to prepare the students did NOT actually prepare them.  They did NOT have a true understanding of the muscles except for period 5!

After much discussion of what to do moving forward, we concluded:  Let’s have period 5 TEACH the other classes.  This would give period 5 an authentic audience, a chance to share what they know, and challenge them to go above and beyond.  So we created a project where they are going to do some research about their muscle group and build a video to teach the other classes about the muscle group, what activities use that muscle group, and how to best stretch and strengthen that muscle group.  Students will also be required to create their OWN Google Form quiz.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.40.27 PM.png

I was super excited that she was willing to differentiate her instruction and challenge herself and her students.  She was hesitant that her students would be able to perform and produce something quality, but I KNEW they could!  Here is an example!

She is now no longer afraid to step into the realm of allowing her students to create and teach.  She has moved from a teacher centered classroom to a more student-centered classroom.



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