Professional Development

GSuite for Education Class

Tustin Unified School District (for PD Growth credit)

January 2017

GSuite for Education Class

The purpose of this class is to help teachers/educators become proficient users of Google Apps/G Suite for Education as well as implement tools into their teaching practice in order to enhance teaching and learning. This course is designed for beginners to intermediate users.  After completion of this 6 week (15 hours total) fundamental training  course, participants will be prepared to take the optional Google Apps for Education Level 1 Certification Exam.

Click Here for Course Description Video



TUSD Professional Development Day

Tustin Unified School District

October 2016

Pear Deck

Come and learn the basics of Pear Deck which is an interactive presentation tool used to actively engage students in individual and social learning.  Teachers create presentations using their Google Drive account and collect, sort and analyze data.



TUSD Secondary Summer Institute — Two Sessions

Tustin Unified School District

August 2016

Session 1:

Actively Learn Beginning

Come and learn the basics of Actively Learn.  We will be learning about how to create assignments from the Catalog, how to create assignments from your Workspace (url, doc, pdf), how to create and populate classes, and how to grade and give effective feedback.


Session 2:


Digital feedback: Go Formative is a tool that can be used in all subject areas in both middle and high school to capture student thinking in real time and give quick and immediate feedback. This is a hands-on session. Bring a formative assessment, worksheet, or other activity and be prepared to transform it!


Arcadia Innovation Summit — Two Sessions

July 2016

Session 1:

Collaborate with students and assess student writing in a paperless classroom using GAFE.

Come and transform how you assign, collect, and grade writing using Google Classroom and Google Add-Ons. This session is for any teacher of any subject who wants to establish an effective workflow and give incredible collaborative feedback to students through the writing process.

Session 2:

Co Presenter:  Gina Dearborn

Are you Connected?

We are in a brave new world where you can learn from those that teach the same content, fight the same battles, and have answers come to you. Learn how to harness the power of Twitter, Tweet Deck, Feedly, and Padlet to share, learn, curate, and grow. Get Connected!




Think. Create. Share. Conference

June 2016

Cal State Fullerton

Co Presenters:  Michelle Ciecek and Melanie Formaneck

From Questions to Creation:  Tech Infused QFT and Creation Apps:

Come experience the power of the Question Formulation Technique to engage students in asking deeper questions, leading to student driven creativity and creation.




April 2016

Mini Cue

I organized a Mini-Cue Conference for our staff where different staff members put together a short presentation in which they shared a new tool or strategy that was awesome.  There were two different sessions and each session and 8 presenters.



Connect Institute

March 2016

Tustin Unified School District

Professional Development

How to provide ongoing, effective, and purposeful professional development.






December 2015

Tustin Unified School District

Google Classroom

Come get more comfortable with using Google Classroom, a tool that will allow you to manage your workflow within Google Drive all while being able to view and give feedback on student work throughout the entire learning process.



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