Whenever I think through technology and how it best intersects with pedagogy, these are the three questions that I ask myself.  Is the technology engaging?  Does it allow students to connect?  Am I able to assess their learning?Tech that...

I have found iMovie as a go-to tool because it does allow all of the above.  I have used iMovie in lessons from CORE classes, Science, classes, ELD classes, Drama Class and World Language classes.  All the teachers and the students have found great success in the use of iMovie.

  • In CORE class, we have used the trailer feature to do a book review.
  • In CORE class, we have used iMovie as an option on a choice board to create commercials, advertisements, etc.
  • In ELD class, we have used iMovie to do a voice over to help students tell a story.
  • In Drama, we have used iMovie to have students practice adding expression and using different voices.
  • In Spanish class, we have used iMovie to have students use different tenses to tell a story in a voice-over.

Really the sky is the limit and students pick up on how to use it quickly.  Collecting it in Google Classroom allows teachers to view it quickly and easily in order to assess student production.

Here are a few student samples:

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